Geodrain SPD method

Environmentally friendly vacuum consolidation method


With Geodrain SPD method

A construction scene of Geodrain SPD method (Indonesia, Central Java)

In comparison to the conventional PVD method, Geodrain SPD method is a vacuum consolidation method which can reduce the use of natural resources such as the sand for the sand blanket and the preloading embankment material.

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【The diagram of Geodrain SPD method】

The on-site issues that can be resolved

  • Construction period [Reduced (Shortened)], Cost [Reduced]
  • Slip failures of the embankment
  • Arrangement effort of the soil for the embankment
  • The limitation on the height of the embankment
  • Environmental pollutions in the surrounding area of the construction
     (noises, vibrations, dust etc)

Construction period comparison

In comparison to the conventional PVD method, Geodrain SPD can reduce the construction period as installing and removing embankments are not necessary.

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