Company History

1946Chikami Wholesale Store for fine and heavy chemicals and paper making material founded
1956Established Chikami Wholesale INC.
CEO: Haruyuki Chikami
Capital JPY 1 million
1979Capital JPY 10 million
1987Company name changed to CHIKAMI MILTEC INC.
Capital JPY 15 million
1994CEO: Kunio Chikami
Capital JPY 45 million
1998Established THAI MILTEC INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. (TMI) in Bangkok
2001Established CADTECH INC. in Fukuoka
2005Licensed as type Ⅱ medical equipment manufacturer and distributer
2006Capital JPY 87 million
2007Certificated ISO14001
2011Established FECON MILTEC JSC (Hochiminh) in Vietnam
2012Licensed as cosmetics manufacture and distributor
Licensed as quasi-drug manufacture and distributor
2013Capital JPY 91 million
2014Established Guang Zhou Chikami Trading Co., Ltd. in China
2021Capital JPY 92 million
(as of October 2022)