Interfacing Needs & Seeds

Non-wovens are the sheet which are made from fibers by using the method of heat, binder or high pressure water jet, without weaving or knitting. Giving various functions onto non-wovens is possible by the application of several types of fibers and fabrication methods of manufacture or additional processing.
We mainly sell specialized non-woven fabrics themselves as materials, and processed non-woven products. We handle and combine selecting materials up to final products based on our accumulated knowledge, experience and know-how. We propose other materials and products, not limited within papers and non-woven fields, to satisfy our customers’ requests anywhere in local and overseas.

Product Lines

OEM products
  • OA cleaner
  • Wipers (dry, wet)
  • Face mask
  • Filter
  • Polish and varnish sheet
  • Various processing service
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Materials for cosmetics
  • Industrial materials
  • Functional non-woven fabrics
  • Functional papers