Bio SB Drain

The horizontal drain material that discharges water out of the improved area as a replacement for the sand blanket.


PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
DimensionThicknessmm8.0 ± 2.0
Widthmm177 ± 3.0
DrainBearing compressionTensile StrengthkN/m-2> 200*1
Discharge Capacity
at straight
100kPa, i= 0.5
m/s> 5.0 x 10-2*2
FilterPermeabilitym/s> 1.0×10-4*3

*1 Compression Area―Φ5㎝, Test Speed―10㎜/min
*2 Sample Size – 17.7cm(width)x10cm(length), Zipper interval – 20cm,
 Conformity with PBD Reseach Group Method (Modified Triaxial Cell Method)
*3 Permeability Cross Section-4.0cm2, Thikcess-0.035cm (average), Water Head Difference-25cm,
 Duration of Permeability -15 seconds, Conformity with JIS A 1218(1933)

* These data are offered only helpful suggestion for experimental processing you may conduct.
* BSB Drain can be tailored made to meet the design requirements.
* Revision might be made without notice
* Product colors and specifications are subject to change.

BSB drain is a Japan BioPlastic Association certified “Green Plastics” and “Biomass plastics” product.
Japan BioPlastic Association