Q.C.M. Retainer Wire

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Type I Q.C.M. Retainer Wire S

Long-seller products. There comes in 3 sizes in looped and non-looped version.
PLB can easily fit to the dental arch with a hair dryer.

typeⅠ  w/loop  RWL-42,RWL-48,RWL-54  no-loop RWS-42,RWS-48,RWS-54

Certified No. 21100BZZ00277000

Type II NEW Q.C.M. Retainer Wire S

Improved strength than Type I.
There comes in 2 sizes in looped and non-looped version.
The joint part of metal and plastic is shorter than Type I.
P50 is suitable for extraction case as well.

Certified No. 21100BZZ00277000

Type W Q.C.M. Retainer Wire W

PLB Changeable

Plastic labial bow is connected by screws.

Only 50mm in looped and non-looped version is available.

Certified No. 21700BZZ00038000